Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do we do?
A: We provide English language support and consultation to the academics with their work designed and prepared by them for any purpose – papers, journals, drafts, proceedings, publications, applications, demonstrations, etc.

Q: Where is AWAC located?
A: There are 3 different places. Click to see where they are.

Q: What do the Consultants know about academic writing?
A: All Consultants are experts in academic writing. (Click to see their Bio-Data)

Q: How does a session work?

Q: What is the nature of our services?
A: We have a peer-centered approach.  We also serve groups upon request and can set workshops, seminars or conferences on certain issues concerning academic writing or other related subjects.

Q: Do you edit or proofread papers?
A: Yes, we do! But not on the computer. You need to bring along your paper with yourself.

Q: Who can visit Atılım University Writing and Advisory Centre (AWAC)?
A: We welcome Atılım University Academic Staff for the time being. In the following years, we are planning to provide services to the students as well as the outsiders.

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: Bring your questions, ideas, notes, a hard copy of your paper, and any other matter or material that you believe deserves discussion.

Q: Can I arrange follow-up tutorials if required for the week in progress?
A: You surely can, depending on the consultation schedules. Otherwise, the follow-up can take place in the forthcoming week(s).

Q: Are you open on holidays?
A: AWAC follows the academic calendar.