AYDAM Hakkında Personel Payam ‘Paul’ DANESH

Payam ‘Paul’ DANESH

An honour student at Simin Educational Association where he received his first qualifications as an instructor in 1989, ranking first at Nosrat Speed-Reading & Memory Enhancement Institute, and later graduating from Tehran Azad University in 1993 in the field of English Language & Translation, Payam Danesh has been working in the field of translation, adaptation, editting, and proof-reading of texts in a variety of disciplines - both technical and non-technical - while being published both as an independent and affiliated writer. A brief synopsis of his professional career includes Generale de Bank (Societe Generale) of Belgium as an Int'l Correspondent, the Iranian Air Force as the Head of the Technical Unit, the British Airways as Flight Executive, Emery Worldwide as Executive VP, and Interstate International (ISI) Academy as Director of Studies.

A certified instructor educator, he started at Atilim University in 1999 as an instructor himself upon a brief period at the Middle East Technical University, later to become the Head of the Writing Unit with the Preparatory School while helping to establish the Academic & Communicative English Unit (a.ka., the Freshman Unit) as the Academic & Administrative Sub-Coordinator and Faculty Consultant and Educator, frequently presenting on academic writing, speech-making, research and paper development, critical thinking, and faculty professional development all along examining numerous papers in various disciplines en route for publication ever since.

Currently, Payam is working as a board member and consultant with the Academic Writing & Advisory Centre (AWAC) and running the English programme at the Faculty of Law, Atılım University.


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e-posta: payam_danesh@atilim.edu.tr         

Tel: (0312) 586 80 50